Rebbe Nachman requested that we turn his lessons into prayers and blessings. The light of the truth he revealed to us shone through him into each one of our hearts, waking our minds to the illumination of the Infinite One, potentially perceived in all points of time and space. By transforming his deep teachings into actual words of prayer we transform ourselves every time we say them, for our Rebbe enlightened each word. Rebbe Nachman’s every word and phrase, every holy letter, activates our souls and empowers us to raise our consciousness and become perfectly righteous, a Tzadik within ourselves and for ourselves.

May it be Your will my Lord, my God, 
To help me offer all my prayers 
sincerely, with all my heart
Help me understand what I should say
what I should ask for from the start.

Help me to say my prayers 
with complete truthfulness
So that the light of truth will shine upon me
And I will emerge from the darkness 
that surrounds me on all sides
Send me Your light and Your veracity
Guide me and bring me to 
Your mountain, Your sanctuary

Help me reveal what I need to tell You 
in honesty at all times
Let me tell You everything 
I have on my heart and in my mind
I am so far away from You 
and when I come to express
My mouth and lips are closed 
and my words are repressed

You know me well, 
to You all secrets are revealed
Be kind to me, answer me
Let my heart be unsealed 
So I can speak to you with verity
And the truth, Your light, 
will be opened up to me

Help me sustain my calm concentration 
And follow a practice of self-examination 
without allowing my thoughts to meander 
But maintaining my mind as a bystander,
persistently and diligently,
to develop a focus of mastery.

Let me use them to turn away 
from all negativity without hesitation
And to always be up to only good  
Let this be my dedication
Your way is to use broken souls.
In your overwhelming mercy and grace
The wonders You do are unfathomable 
You restore each soul in its place

You gather the shards of broken vessels 
And mercifully mend them until they shine 
with greater strength than before
No single spark is lost or cast aside 
for, “Strength and might, are in Your hand 
to make everything mighty and grand.”

Faithful loving One, who heals the broken-hearted 
Your compassion heals and keeps me guarded
Let all flaws from my soul decrease,
bind up my wounds, grant me inner peace 

Let peace reign between my  body and my soul
So in love and peace they unite as whole 
until I attain inner balance 
Let my prayer rise like incense 

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Yisrael
Who does amazing wonders that you can tell
God’s glorious Name for ever will be blessed
the earth is God’s glory in its fullness!