“Good Points: the Stories & Teachings of Rebbe Nachman” is an original, theatrical, musical expression of the stories and teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Bratzlav. 

 In ten (plus one) scenes each member of the ensemble, who play instruments and sing, guide the audience through the message of the Kabbalist’s teachings by recreating some of the Rebbe’s most beautiful and deep spiritual lessons, parables and stories in a musical vehicle. 

With great respect to the Rebbe, and with an eclectic score, “Good Points” is a unique production that utilizes a multi-media format, and is mostly in English. 

The show has been recorded as a concept album/rock opera and will be available for digital download very soon.

Each track on the album is an encapsulation of a Rebbe Nachman teaching, parable or story in song form. The soundtrack endeavors to have a varied array of sounds and is influenced by many genres of music including spoken word.