This USreB is a custom designed USB drive that includes 14 MP3’s and many pages of source texts in Hebrew with English translations, lyrics,  liner notes and commentary. The USB also contains a lead sheet for the song, “A Very NarrowBridge.”

Good Points is a great and creative way to be introduced to a Kabbalah tradition through the lens of one of the most creative minds in Judaism.

Contact the Cantor if you would like to acquire the USreB.


Good Points!

הָאֵשׁ שֶׁלִי תוּקַד עַד בִּיאַת הַמָּשִׁיחַ

Rebbe Nachman requested that we turn his lessons into prayers and blessings. The light of the truth he revealed to us shines through his memory into each one of our hearts, waking our minds to the illumination of the Infinite One that can be perceived potentially in all points of time and space. By transforming his deep teachings into actual words of prayer we transform ourselves every time we say them, for our Rebbe enlightened each word. Rebbe Nachman’s every word and phrase, every holy letter, activates our souls and empowers us to raise our consciousness and become perfectly righteous, a Tzadik within ourselves and for ourselves.

If the Rebbe wanted his words to be translated into prayer, how much more would he want his words to be transformed into music! This song cycle or concept album is the result of studying Bratzlav philosophy, ideology, and spirituality, in Hebrew, for the last 13 years. Ten of those years I was lucky to be able to study with my father, a rabbi, as his Hebrew was of the highest scholastic order. I have, through these 14 songs, set to music my favorite teachings and stories of the Rebbe. As it is a “concept album” I have written the basic premise of the song cycle below.

Three tourists and their tour guide, who are walking through Meah Sh’arim in Jerusalem, stumble upon Rebbe Nachman’s chair as they are visiting the Bratzlav Synagogue. As the chair had been stored in an office it is easy for the group to access it. The tour guide starts to tell the tourists about Rebbe Nachman and gives them a short biography. The guide then tells the story of the Rebbe’s chair. When all four of them touch the chair simultaneously they are transported back in time and transformed into four Bratzlavers, disciples of the recently deceased Rebbe Nachman. They sit with each other and recall the teachings and stories that made an impact on them. They are assured that the spirit of Rebbe Nachman will live on with the words, “My fire will burn until the coming of the Messiah.” The four disciples then make the pact that they will meet again in Jerusalem, after the “climate of violence” subsides, where they will reassemble the chair and grow their community based on the Rebbe’s life and teachings. At that moment, the three tourists and their guide return to the present day and reflect on their shared experience and what lessons they have learned about life, crossing a very narrow bridge.